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SCHAEFER KRUSEMARK is a joint sales company of

The history of the company SCHAEFER KALK goes back as far as the year 1860. Today, the company, which has been owned by the family ever since then, is one of the most important companies in the German lime industry and does business world-wide.

The company KRUSEMARK was founded in the year 1929 and has also been a privately owned company ever since. In the course of its company history it has earned itself a reputation as a specialist for rendering plasters.

The company name SCHAEFER KRUSEMARK expresses the fact that the complete know-how, efficiency and experience of both partners is focussed in this joint company.

The range of products available from SCHAEFER KRUSEMARK includes everything plasterers and/or painters and decorators need.

Our site advisors, energy advisors, application technicians and product managers are available with their knowledge and experience to provide support to building owners, planners, processors or specialist dealers alike.

Our Product Range

An extensive range of ready-mixed mortar products for plastering work inside and out, mineral and organic rendering plasters, weather-proof, diffusive, long-lasting and water-repellent in numerous different structures and particle sizes as well as in 130 standard colour shades and individual colour shades.

A more detailed look at our range:

  • Ready-mixed mortars
    Interior wall plasters; lime plasters, exterior plaster / plaster for humid rooms; felt and adhesive plasters; building limes; renovating mortars; adhesive mortar, masonry mortar/concrete
  • Rendering plasters
    Plastering base primers, backing plaster primers, plasters of uniform structure, groove and structure plasters, roughcasts and other rendering plasters, painting systems, silicate/silicone resin/siloxane plasters, refurbishment plaster system, wall insulation system, coloured stone plasters
  • Wall insulation system SCHAEFER KALOTHERM®
    Wall insulation systems approved by DIBt (polystyrene insulating panels/ribs; mineral wool insulation panels/ribs either glued in place or using a rail system); adhesive and reinforce mortar; rendering plasters, accessories

Suitability and application
Suitability, functional
New buildings, repairs, maintenance and renovation of old buildings, care of memorials
Areas of application:
Plastering of interior walls and ceilings, exterior plaster, insulating plaster, renovating plaster, compensating plaster, mineral finishing plaster, full wall insulation system.

Quality monitoring
Our Quality Management System goes much further than standard quality checks. Its main focus is on avoiding influences that could reduce  quality by means of safe process control, research and development as well as maintenance and customer service. In our modern laboratories the products are subjected to strict self-monitoring tests. In addition we have both the products and our own quality tests checked again by neutral institutions.

Selected Technical Information sheets are available in English: